Recall Rich Coleman

Rich Coleman is the MLA for Langley East.

Rich Coleman was the Minister in charge of overseeing the regulation of casinos in B.C. at the same time the largest money laundering scandal in B.C. history was unfolding. Fred Pinnock, an RCMP officer and the former head of B.C.’s Integrated Illegal Gambling Enforcement Team, called B.C.’s casinos ‘the wild west’ of organized crime.

You can read retired RCMP Deputy Commissioner Peter German’s report on money laundering under Rich Coleman here.

B.C. deserves better than this.

Rich Coleman is still the MLA for Langley East.

He doesn’t have to be.

In B.C. citizens have a right to recall MLA’s. If you were a voter registered in Langley East in the 2017 election you can join a campaign to recall Rich Coleman.

According to the law, a recall petition can’t be submitted to the Legislature until 18 months have passed since the last election. We are interested in starting a campaign to recall Rich Coleman when that day comes.

If you are interested in being involved or volunteering on a campaign to recall Rich Coleman please fill out the form below. All information will be collected in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.